7 Deadly Sins (Part 2) Blog #5

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Hey guys,

Thanks for joining me again. Be sure to check out the earlier blogs and the articles under the Must Reads!! tab.

Last week i got into the first 3 of 7 accidents that hunters and the public may not be aware of that happen while hunting.  In the second installment of my 2-part series, I want to finish the final 4 with you.  The main reason I am spotlighting these accidents is that majority of these accidents are not taught to us when we take the Hunters Safety Course.  If the goal of the Hunters Safety Course is to keep hunters safe, then it would make sense that we be informed of the different types of accidents and how to avoid them.

I am going to pick up where I left off with number 4 where Jason Herbert, in 7 Hunting Accidents to Avoid, lists hunter confrontations. This accident is fairly rare but when it does occur it almost always ends badly.  I don’t know why but something about big bucks drive hunters a little crazy.  When a hunter shoots a deer and that deer runs off to the neighboring property, the shooter more often than not hops the fence to retrieve his prize. Depending on the size of said prize and the other landowner’s personality.  A peaceful discussion can turn ugly. Verbal arguments are a guarantee with physical confrontation likely as well.  With both hunters carrying a weapon, in extreme cases, these can turn deadly.

Another confrontation is with poachers.  Hunters put in a lot of work every year to get that once in a lifetime buck but often that opportunity is taken from them when poachers illegally shoot deer.  Poachers wander property that they do not have permission to be on, often and night and shoot game out of season or at night when they are bedded down.  When a hunter sees a poacher, he justifiably could become enraged.  There are many cases where a hunter has confronted a poacher only to be left fighting for his life with a gunshot wound.  The general rule is, if you don’t know the owner of the property you need to get to, or the person who has wandered onto your property, get the Natural Resources Police involved.  Its their job to handle situations likes these.

The 5th accident that has shown an increase in recent years is ATV accidents.  Hunters have started using ATV’s for clearing food plots, dragging big game from thickets, and most commonly transportation from camp to a hunting site.  ATV’s are built for rough terrain but far too often, hunters push the limits of their stability trying to take a shortcut or through reckless use.  Proper safety equipment and operations are another aspect left out of the Hunters Safety Course.

Accident to avoid 6 is drowning.  This is common in waterfowl hunting.  For deer hunters it is fairly uncommon but nevertheless important.  With scents being an important part to hunting, hunters often wont wear life vests when they take to the waters.  With weight of extra equipment or even big game that has been killed, boats and canoes handle differently which can lead to overturning, hypothermia, and drowning. Again another aspect of hunting excluded from the safety course.

Finally, accident number 7 is dangerous animals.  Bear, mountain lions, poisonous snakes, and rutting deer all claim lives of hunters during the year.  Being aware of the nature of frightened animals is one way to protect yourself from the wild.

That wraps up my 2-part series and as you should now know, there are many different ways hunters get injured or killed each year.  It is our responsibility as hunters to prepare ourselves and keep our loved ones safe. Do your part to be safe and make sure others do as well.

Until next week,



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